my dinosaur animation

step 1: i drawed characters then cut them out and stuck them to a ruler.

step 2: i made backgrounds and Mrs. Vass took pictures of them.

step 3: My group and me used a microphone to add the voices to windows movie maker.

step 4: I put everything on windows movie maker and saved it onto my folder.

now this is my movie.

Friendship Bracelets

This is the people who care about me.







1st you make a list of six people who care about you.

2nd you choose six different colours of wool.

3rd tie all the wool together at one end.

4th tape the Knotted end to a table.

5th twist or plait the wool together to make a pattern.

6th ask someone to help tie the bracelet around your wrist.

i will put a picture of it here when ive made it